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Your HCG Diet Product Now Available to HCG Wholesalers

The popular Your HCG Diet Product is now available to anyone internet in HCG Diet wholesale. Retailers can now purchase the same product that has helped over 100,000 people lose weight at a discounted HCG wholesale rate.  Your HCG has already connected with over 100 wholesalers and the demand has been high according to company Owner Jaime Edmund. “Your HCG wanted to connect with retailers so that we could help them provide the same safe, homeopathic HCG formula we’ve been providing to customers for years. The Your HCG diet proprietary mix of HCG drops has been flying off the shelves. It’s simply the most effective weight loss solution on the market. Your HCG is happy that customers and retailers have had such amazing results.“

How does HCG Diet Wholesale Program Work?

Your HCG not only provides the product for sale at a discounted rate, but they provide a unique pitch to wholesalers. President Dan Edmund said, “One can be assured that all of our products are manufactured in a safe, FDA monitored laboratory. Most HCG diet companies out there can’t offer the type of customer support Your HCG can. Our team of dedicated health coaches ensures that professionals answer all questions that wholesalers or customers have. Whether your goals are to lose weight, or to increase sales, everyone will get top-notch support.”

What does Your HCG Diet Wholesale Include?

HCG Wholesalers do not need to worry when they purchase from Your HCG. Their customers will be receiving all of the benefits included as if they purchased directly through Your HCG too. When a customer purchases an HCG diet plan from Your HCG, they receive a supply of homeopathic HCG drops, industry specific information on HCG weight loss, meal plans, HCG recipes, email and phone support from health coaches who walk them through the process and a lot more.  Please contact us if you are interested in our HCG diet wholesale program.

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