HCG Diet Safety

HCG diet safety is a very important thing to follow while on the HCG diet.  The HCG diet has been around for over five decades, with no proven negative long-term or short-term side effects. However, to ensure HCG diet safety while on the HCG protocol, there are some precautions and steps any consumer should take when starting the HCG diet.’  Anyone that is currently on the diet or is considering it should thoroughly study the diet protocol as well as follow these steps to ensure HCG diet safety.  This will significantly help out with your weight loss, in addition to eliminating any risks associated with it.

Importance of HCG diet safety

Owner Jaime Edmund said, ‘Your HCG offers unlimited support to help our customers with any questions that may arise during or after their weight loss journey on the HCG Diet. As customers, they can call us with questions about the diet protocol, what to eat, how much to take, etc. This will help ensure optimal HCG diet safety.’  Your HCG has built their foundation of their business around the feedback of their customers.  They have nearly 200,000 customers now and is the original HCG reseller.  Because of that, they have truly optimized their HCG diet weight loss program.

A few tips to help with HCG Diet Safety:

–          Consult your physician before starting any new diet program. Doctors are always going to help with your safety while on the HCG diet. It is best to consult with a doctor before starting any weight loss program too.

–          Read Dr. Simeons manuscript, Pounds and Inches. Make sure you understand the diet completely and exactly how it works. To have HCG Safety, knowledge is going to be your power.

–          Follow the diet. This includes eating the allowable foods and correct serving sizes. Any slight variation can slow or stall your weight loss.

–           Drink plenty of water. Your body is getting rid of any sugars, starches, oils, fats, etc. while taking the HCG drops.  It is important to drink at least half of your body weight in ounces of water a day.

–           Ask a lot of questions. As stated before, knowledge is power while on the HCG diet. If you are concerned or not sure about different parts of the diet, ask one of our health coaches. Knowing exactly what you are doing is going to help with your HCG diet safety.

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