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HCG Diet Recipes Shopping List

Some people find it hard to go to the grocery store while on the HCG Diet. There are a lot of temptations around every corner of the grocery store. Here are some HCG diet recipes and other shopping tips to help make your trips to the grocery store a little easier.

Shopping for HCG Diet Recipes

• Make a list of exactly what you need for your HCG Diet Recipes. This will help you remember exactly what to buy for the hCG Diet Recipes you have chosen. This is an effort to avoid you getting home and thinking ‘I forgot to buy a cabbage. I have corn already; I’ll just use that for my HCG Diet Recipes.’ Do not stray from your list. Don’t justify unnecessary items. I know this can be especially hard when you are in charge of feeding other people, besides yourself.

• If you cannot go to the grocery store without avoiding temptation, send someone else for the items needed for your HCG Diet Recipes. If you have a friend or spouse that will go for you, this is ideal. Make sure they are supportive of you being on the hCG diet, and aware of the items needed for your HCG Diet Recipes or else it could be disastrous.

• Never go down the aisles. The aisles are stocked with processed, unhealthy foods full of empty calories and trans fat that you won’t need for your HCG Diet Recipes. To help with the temptation only go along the outside of the store. This is where all the fresh produce and fresh meats are located that you will want to use for your HCG Diet Recipes. This will make it a lot easier not to stray from your grocery list.

Preparing your items for HCG Diet Recipes

• Use fresh spices and herbs in your HCG Diet Recipes. In the produce section, you will find an array of fresh herbs and spices, both organic and non-organic. This will take away any temptation to go down the baking aisle. If you have never used a certain herb or spice, look online to see if you can find any recipes that contain it so you can figure out where you can use it in your daily diet and for HCG Diet Recipes you are taking advantage of. This helps make the HCG diet and your HCG Diet Recipes less boring day after day.

• If the season is right, take your grocery list to a local farmer’s market. You can find a great assortment of fruit, vegetables and meat there to use with your HCG Diet Recipes. The great thing about a farmer’s market is the prices are usually less expensive than your local grocery store. In this case, you can actually speak with the farmer to see if their product is organic or if there are any added ingredients and organic foods are recommended for all of your HCG Diet Recipes.

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