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HCG Diet Customer Journey

Your HCG asked several people to keep journals of their personal journey while on the HCG diet.  The HCG diet journals are real. They consist of ups and downs, joys and frustrations, and of course the weight loss.  You can read about customer’s favorite foods, tips, and their success while on the HCG diet.  The HCG diet journals are updated, usually weekly sometimes more and sometimes less. If starting an HCG diet journal is something that interests you, feel free to contact us for more information. Here is an insert from Alesha’s journal:


Another 1.5 pounds down on the HCG diet!


I know my weight is coming back. But the last few days I have lost another 1.5 pounds on the HCG diet. I know it will all come back when I start eating more (tomorrow) but it still feels nice that it is still coming off. It gives me hope for being able to maintain these next few weeks after the HCG diet.  I have a lot of plans of what I get to try and eat next and when and such. But needless to say I am excited to add some new things in and get a bit more to eat. I am looking forward to broccoli and cheese the most. I missed those things a lot while on the HCG diet.   I plan on snacking on rotisserie chicken and nuts the next few days so I don’t get protein deficiency I do plan on taking it slow and easy. I am nervous to gain weight, but I think I understand everything so I won’t. Well, I realize this isn’t very long but not a lot to report on at the moment. Today is my last day with out drops on the HCG Diet then tomorrow starts the true maintenance to me. Wish me luck, and good luck to all of you!  Have a great weekend.

To read more about Alesha’s HCG diet journey, please head over to her blog section

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