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HCG Diet Instructions

HCG Diet instructions and coaching is very hard to find.  Your HCG provides people on the HCG diet with very detailed HCG diet instructions for optimizing permanent weight loss. There are many online HCG diet resellers that offer no form of instructions or support with their HCG diet weight loss programs.

Owner Jaime Edmund of Your HCG said, “We have been receiving feedback for years now from new customers who purchased the HCG diet online at the ‘cheapest’ cost possible. They typically will purchase the HCG drops on website that are non-reputable to save on cost. The problem by purchasing HCG diet solely on price is it can be missing very important ingredients, in addition to the lack of support the buyer may receive afterwards.”

HCG Diet Instructions and More

Your HCG offers very clear and detailed HCG diet instructions with each of their HCG diet programs they offer. In addition to the detailed instructions, each HCG diet plan also comes with access to tips, recipes, suggestions and their community of over 100,000 HCG dieters. All plans also come with unlimited support to assist them with their HCG diet journey.

The reason this is important is because the science of HCG involves much more than just taking the HCG itself. The only way for the HCG diet to be effective is to incorporate the HCG Diet Protocol written by Dr. Simeons which entails a very strict very low calorie diet (VLCD). Your HCG plans outlines the exact dosage of HCG to take from post HCG diet until you complete HCG maintenance afterwards.

HCG Diet Instructions and Community

Your HCG also has over 80,000 Facebook fans and 45,000 twitter followers that participate in lively discussions, contests, and receive support and encouragement from qualified Your HCG health coaches.  We take pride in our very loyal community and dieters can be assured of getting support from us as well as talking to people who are currently on, or have been on the HCG diet.  If you have any questions about HCG diet instructions, please contact us today.

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