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HCG Diet: Doctor’s Office Vs. Home

Many people looking to lose weight by the HCG diet are confused as to whom to purchase from.  Do they go to a weight loss clinic and diet under supervision of a doctor? Or do they save money by ordering HCG online? And who to choose from online? There are so many HCG Diet options!

HCG Diet Quality

It really depends on the quality of the product.  If it is real HCG Vs Synthetic.  Human hormone Vs Animal.  Made in the USA under FDA guidelines or out of the country. It also depends on what comes with your order-some don’t provide anything and you are on your own with what to do with the drops.

HCG Diet from Your HCG

With HCG drops from Your HCG you get the same amount of HCG per day as the injections, you follow the same HCG diet protocol and you lose the same amount of weight.  The main difference is that the HCG injections are a high dose given once a day whereas the drops are a lower dose taken throughout the day. The injections also have a much higher price-tag.

Now, with that being said.  You can find the HCG diet from a reputable company without paying the prices found going through a physician.  The reason a doctor charges more is because Clinics are liable for any treatments they recommend to a patient. In order to cover their liability they require blood work to make sure nothing else is going on prior to starting the injections so they don’t get blamed for causing problems that were already there, and they also require weekly exams and consultations also to cover their liabilities.  However, any time you are thinking of starting a new diet protocol it is always recommended to consult your physician to ensure it is appropriate for you.

With online HCG Diet programs, instead of meeting in person to discuss your weight loss results, you can call or chat with HCG staff trained in HCG protocol.  Another benefit of ordering online, is that there is no limit to the support you can get. Instead of meeting only once a week you can call as often as you need as you need assistance.


What to look for when ordering the HCG Diet online:

Look for a company that sells HCG that is made within the USA from an FDA licensed laboratory. The HCG should have an NDC number available, which is the National Drug Code, a unique product identifier used in the United States for drugs intended for human use. Because HCG is a human hormone, you want to make sure that it is processed correctly so it is safe for your use.

Also find out what comes with the HCG diet you buy.  The product does you no good if you do not know how to use it or if you do not get help with the protocol.  The HCG Diet is very simple but also very strict and it’s easy to get off protocol without even knowing.  Support is important so you can talk with staff trained in the diet who can ensure you are following the correct protocol to maximize yoru results.  Also, look for longevity of the company- look for a company that has been on the market for a couple years and have a large client base.  Most companies have facebook pages, which are great for seeing how clients of specific companies do on their product and what they think of the company and you can get a good sense of the results achieved on the HCG Diet.

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