atkins diet and hcg diet

What’s The Difference Between the HCG Diet and the Atkins Diet?

Your HCG discusses the differences between the Atkins Diet and the HCG Diet in response to several questions asking the difference between the two located on various weight loss forums on the internet.  Dr. Robert Atkins released the Atkins Diet in the 1970s. The focus of the Atkins Diet is to decrease carbohydrate intake significantly, then eventually introduce healthy carbohydrates back to maintain the weight loss. Along with the HCG diet, the Atkins Diet incorporates phases to help the dieter achieve success. During these phases, they will eliminate carbohydrates to force the body to go into ketosis. Ketosis is a condition characterized by raised levels of ketone bodies in the body, associated with abnormal fat metabolism and diabetes mellitus. When a persons body is in ketosis for an extended period of time, there is some concern about it causing damage to the liver. The Atkins Diet did receive some criticism because there was no restriction on the portion sizes one can eat. In response, they have changed their diet to focus on nutrition, healthy fats and portion control.

Atkins Diet and HCG Diet Difference Summary

Unlike the Atkins diet, with the Your HCG diet, the dieter will cut out some carbohydrates, but can continue to eat Melba toast or Grissini breadsticks. Dr. A.T.W. Simeons researched the ratio of daily carbs in his treatment to avoid carbohydrate imbalance. With the HCG Diet, the body is resetting the hypothalamus gland to facilitate the maintenance of your weight loss after the diet program. The hypothalamus gland controls body temperature, hunger, thirst, fatigue, sleep and circadian cycles. During the HCG diet, the low calorie phase will last anywhere from 23 – 45 days, depending on how much weight the dieter has to lose. With the HCG diet, you will be cutting back on your carbohydrate intake but will not go into ketosis, because you are still consuming some carbohydrates. The HCG diet has been released since the 1950s, without any changes being made to the original HCG diet protocol.

Your HCG owner Jaime Edmund says, ‘With our program, we offer unlimited support before, during and after the diet on the HCG drops. We want you to lose weight permanently so you can become a healthier version of your current self. We want to help people get in the habit of eating healthy, whole foods to maintain their weight loss.  We have helped over 200,000 people lose weight since we started our business and can’t wait to help more.’

Atkins Diet Confusion

Many HCG dieters confused the two diets with each other.  The majority of our customers have all done the Atkins diet in the past and tend to carry over similar details and incorporate it into the HCG diet from the Atkins diet.


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