17 Day Diet and HCG Diet Differences

Your HCG discusses the difference between the 17-Day Diet and the HCG diet.  With the HCG diet gaining popularity, more and more diet trends are starting to surface. One of these diet trends is the 17-Day Diet created by Dr. Mike Moreno and has been featured on such shows as Dr. Phil and The Doctors TV show.

What is the 17 day diet?

The 17-day Diet focuses on carbohydrate cycling. Unfortunately there has not been any credible scientific research confirming that carbohydrate cycling is an effective weight loss tool. In the context of the 17 day diet diet, there are four phases consisting of 17 days apiece. In essence, the full 17 day diet lasts a total of 68 days. During the program you will Accelerate, Activate, Achieve, and Arrive.  The first 17 days of the 17-day diet, you’ll reduce your carbohydrate intake dramatically, which is similar to the HCG diet. Then on day 18 of the 17 day diet, you’ll bring carbohydrates back into your diet, to activate the carbohydrate cycling. On day 35, you’ll reintroduce restricted foods. Then on day 52, you’ll maintain your weight loss and set goals to maintain your weight for life.

17 Day Diet Results

The 17 day diet has been effective for some dieters, but others have reportedly gained the weight back after the initial 17 days. Some of the pros to the 17 day diet are that it encourages you to eat healthy, non-processed whole foods, it contains an eating plan that is simple to understand, and it does include meal plans and recipes. There are a few cons the 17 day diet as well. For example, diabetics cannot do this diet and it does not address the psychological factors necessary to maintain the long-term weight loss. Furthermore, with the 17 day diet diet, there is no support offered with your purchase. If you are faced with any questions, you may be forced to seek out forums with other dieters who may be having the same issues or have similar questions.

The HCG diet has been around for over 5 decades, with a proven track record of effective weight loss. The HCG diet consists of a HCG drops diet plan that you must follow for a minimum of 23 days, and then you’ll move over to the 6-week maintenance plan.  With the Your HCG program, you’ll receive hcg drops, recipes, diet tips, a meal planner, Dr. Simeon’s original protocol Pounds & Inches, along with unlimited phone, email and chat support before, during and after the diet.

With the HCG diet program, you’ll follow the low calorie diet for a minimum of 23 days up to 45 days per round; depending on how much weight you have to lose. Owner Jaime Edmund says, ‘During this time, you will take the HCG hormone 6 times per day. This allows your body to use your abnormal fat for fuel, which helps your body survive while eating 500 calories per day and still burning 1-2 pounds per day.’ The low calorie diet would never be recommended when not taking the HCG. During maintenance, you are completing the reset of your hypothalamus gland. The reset of your hypothalamus gland adjusts your metabolism to burn at the new lower weight, thus making it harder for you to gain back the weight you have lost. The 17-day diet does not reset your hypothalamus gland, making the risk for gaining weight very high.

The Your HCG diet has helped over 200,000 people lose weight so far. The pros of the HCG diet are that it offers quick, effective and long-term weight loss. It also teaches you healthy eating habits to help you maintain your weight loss goal. The diet has been around for a long time, so there is a lot of documented research. Also there are no proven long-term or short-term side effects with the HCG diet because HCG is a natural, organic hormone. The cons to the HCG program are that pregnant or lactating women should not use a low calorie weight loss plan and with some programs, the cost can result in a con.  While both the 17 day diet and HCG diet are similar, we have many stories from customers who have reported a better weight loss on the HCG diet as opposed to the 17 day diet.

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