HCG Diet - Exercises For The HCG Diet

Great Exercises For The HCG Diet

A little hard work goes a long way. The biggest factor for weight loss when doing the HCG diet protocol is the diet. The original HCG protocol according to Dr. Simeons consists of a specific 500 calorie diet of lean meats, fresh fruit and vegetables.  Your diet is key to shedding those unwanted pounds of fat, but it’s not always diet alone that most people need. Some people may benefit from adding a little bit of exercise to their diet.

Exercises For The HCG Diet is Easy

Exercise is a word that scares a lot of us or is a foreign concept all together. Exercises for the HCG diet doesn’t necessarily mean hitting gym, lifting weights, or spin class for hours a day, several days a week. What we mean by exercise is a light activity or something low impact such as walking for about an hour a day, yoga, swimming, yard work, etc. Because the HCG diet is 500 calories per day you have to make sure that you do not overdo it with the exercise. Over exercising while taking HCG Drops can produce the opposite effects and can actually cause you to gain weight because you would be burning the calories you already ate for the day, so the next time you eat your body will want to store those calories instead of continuing to burn and release the stored fat.

Exercises For The HCG Diet That Are Simple

If you are one of many people that just cannot fit exercise into your daily routine or just do not have enough time in the day you need to get creative to get your “exercise” in. Something that works for parents is playing with your kids. Take them to park, play tag and hide n’ go seek. For parents with babies and smaller kids use them as your weights. Try lying on the floor on your back and raise them in the air using your arms and then from the same position cross one leg over the other and bounce your child. Another great way to get a little work is cleaning your home. Scrubbing the floors on your hands and knees gives you a great workout by working your legs, arms, back and core.

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