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First HCG Diet Stall [Belina’s HCG Journey]

Well folks, I have encountered my first stall. It surprised me just how upseting this is, I have had a very emoitional day and the scale hasn’t budged in 3 days!!! I wonder if not waiting the specified 30 min after taking drops before drinking or eating has affected it? Is my body just trying to catch up? I KNOW I haven’t cheated, not one bit! My hubby has been a gem, giving me a pep talk and reinforcing how much I have done thus far, and most importantly not to get discouraged and give up!

So today’s strategy is that when my alarm goes off for drops time (I set them in my phone every morning) I am consuming a 591ml bottle of water BEFORE my drops! I’m also going to skip the 2 portions of melba toast today. I will also do a detox bath, I haven’t been able to get the Apple Cider Vinegar ACV down without it coming right back up, so until I find a way to hide that taste I just cant take it.

The first thing I did was ask for help on the facebook page of yourhcg and have recieved some very positive comments, which helps! One said to measure myself..but that just made it worse, there was NO change since my last measuring..but that was only 2 days ago.
I’m sure hoping that tomorrow mornings scale will show a difference…..sigh I will let you all know tomorrow!

Keep on keeping on! = )

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