HCG diet - Can Eliminating Junk Food in High Schools Help with the Obesity Epidemic

Eliminating Junk Food in High Schools Can Help with the Obesity Epidemic

We are on a mission to help people achieve their weight loss goals by offering the HCG diet as an option for many adults.  One alarming obesity epidemic that we are facing are in high school.  Many schools, especially high schools, have been under intense scrutiny when it comes to junk food and our nation’s kids. The obesity epidemic amongst children has tripled since the 1970’s. Something needs to be done about the epidemic the United States is currently facing.

Obesity Epidemic Awareness – HCG Diet Will Help Educate

When walking into a high school, there are usually many vending machines readily available. These vending machines typically contain sodas, juice, candy, and potato chips, which limit the amount of healthy snacks our children have while at school. But would removing these vending machines fight the growing obesity rate amongst kids? It’s possible, but there are a lot of mixed reviews out there. If a child does not have access to ‘junk’ food at school, this doesn’t mean they aren’t going to indulge once they leave school. To lower the obesity epidemic, our children need help from all sides. It is great when schools take that step to limit junk food in their buildings, but this must continue throughout the day. When children get home from school, their homes should be filled with healthy snacks such as nuts, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

Teach Children Opposite of the Obesity Epidemic After Completing HCG Diet

Also, our children need to be taught healthy eating habits. We can’t take away a candy bar and say, “No, you can’t have this because it’s junk food.” Our schools and their parents need to explain to our children how to read a food label properly, teach them about healthy foods, and allow these healthy foods to be readily available. Poor eating habits can lead to a lifetime of ill-side effects including but not limited to diabetes, heart disease, and high cholesterol. Another way to help lower the obesity rate is to increase physical activity, both in our schools and at home. Limit TV time and force kids to go outside. They don’t have to run a marathon, but getting outside and playing with their friends, riding a bike around the neighborhood, or playing in the sprinkler are all great ways to get your kids to be active.

To help lower the obesity epidemic in the nation, it will take everyone from the school, the parents, the government, and food companies.  When an adult completes the HCG diet, they will learn better eating habits which they can influence onto their kids.

What are your thoughts on the obesity epidemic within high schools?

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