Tips on how to prevent weight gain after the HCG diet

Keeping Weight Off After the HCG Diet

Now that you are done with the strict regimen of the HCG diet, what are you supposed to do to keep the weight off?

First things first, do the maintenance period in its entirety! This part is almost as important as getting the weight off. Maintenance is there for a few reasons. The first reason is to teach your body how to maintain your new lower weight. One thing with yo-yo diets is it’s not teaching your body how to keep off the weight. With maintenance, you teach your body to stay within 2lbs of your last dose weight (the weight the last day of your drops). Second, maintenance is important because it completes the final reset of your hypothalamus, which will control your metabolism and help you burn calories at your new lower weight, which is typically faster than what it was at your higher weight. And third, you teach your body to satisfy hunger and cravings with whole, natural foods.

Right After the HCG Diet

During the first half of maintenance, you will still want to avoid all sugars and starches, but you can add more variety to your diet than when you were on the low calorie diet. Once the first half of maintenance is complete, you can slowly start to reintroduce sugars and starches. But use your intuition and listen to what your body wants. Since you’ve been without these 2 things for so long, your body will no longer crave these foods. If you are wanting something sweet, try eating fruit with Greek yogurt rather than a cookie or something filled with sugar and artificial ingredients.

Maintenance will increase after each round of the HCG diet, so make sure you are following the guidelines set forth by Dr. Simeons. For example it is 6 weeks of maintenance after round 1, 8 weeks after round 2, 12 weeks after round 3, and so on.

Healthier Life After the HCG Diet

Once you are done with maintenance and have moved on to a new healthier lifestyle, stick to it! This should include a diet rich in whole, natural foods along with plenty of exercise. By combining these 2 things, you’ll notice a difference in your mood, body, and overall well-being after completing the HCG Diet.

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