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Disney Says No to Unhealthy Advertising

If you have kids or are around kids during any part of your day, you know how much they are influenced by what ads they see on TV. This week, Disney has taken a firm stance against companies who are advertising unhealthy foods. Starting in 2015, advertisers that want to advertise with Disney through their many media outlets (TV, radio, and websites), will have to meet Disney’s new strict criteria for healthy food advertising.

Childhood Obesity Rates

According to the CDC, childhood obesity has more than tripled in the last 30 years. In a recent study, 70% of obese children had at least one marker for cardiovascular disease, which can include high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Your HCG supports their decision and feel it’s great that Disney has taken this stance in the right direction due to America’s increasing obesity rate. Many of Disney’s current advertisers will be effected by these new regulations. With their new advertising qualifications, Oscar Meyer will no longer be able to advertise Lunchables with Disney due to the high sodium. Capri Sun will no longer be able to advertise due to the added ingredients in their product and the lack of actual healthy calories. To help give products their seal of approval and to make it easier for children and adults alike, Disney has come up with the ‘Mickey Check’, which they will place on products found in stores, online, and in their amusement parks. This check will give products Disney’s Seal of Approval for healthy food choices.

Disney Only Wants Healthy Advertising

Some companies may change their products here and there, but in order for Disney to allow them to advertise, they must prove that they offer a wide assortment of healthy food options. Disney is unsure if they will lose advertising revenue, but they are hoping that companies will start to change their food products to make them healthier overall. Will Disney be able to make progress in helping lower the childhood obesity rate with this advertising change? The more accessible healthy foods are, the easier the choices will be for children and parents.

Regardless of if people are choosing the HCG Diet to help regain their health to Disney pulling advertising to unhealthy advertising, that brands can do their part in fighting the obesity epidemic that is a direct cause of many health factors with children and adults.

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