HCG diet weight loss

With less than one week to go before I start I am struck with many different feelings. I am excited to start this new chapter in my life, I am nervous about how well I can handle it as I am a perpetual snacker. But when I really think about it I am reassured that I can do it. I have made it this far in my life dealing with things much harder than this and I have decided that I have had enough! I am sick of not being able to find fashionable clothes that fit me or that I am comfortable in. I am sick of having to go to “certain” plus size stores and I am tired of being tired when playing with my first child which will turn 9 months old on my first day of starting HCG, March 1st. I plan on doing many different things to keep my mind off of food, such as playing with my son, going for a short walk, drinking a lot of water (even tho I already drink quite a bit) and talking with my mom who is joining me in this endeavor. I know I can do it so my strongest emotion I have right now is excitement followed with anticipation.

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