Lose 1-2 pounds per day with the HCG diet

Well I seem to have come back to speed. I lost 2lbs this morning for a total of 14 lbs since the 1st! I am excited and happy with the results so far and I can already see a difference in my clothes fitting. Each day I see a loss is a day that puts me closer to my weight for me and my son to be healthy and live a long life. I am so happy for my aunt telling me about this program and for me to have the “eggs” to do it. It has been hard so far but since it has only been 9 days I know I can proceed.


I am starting to have to look at the recipes on the website to get some new ideas but other than that I feel like I am not being too limited in what I eat. There are days I crave things and I just keep telling myself that once I get down to the weight I want then I can have them but in moderation, not like I used to. Definite portion control and mind over matter seems to be the biggest learning experiences here.


Well over all I am happy with my results thus far. I just had to send off this blog before I went about my day running errands and such to share how happy I am. If I can do it so can you!

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