hcg drops weight loss results

Yesterday wasn’t hard at all. I forgot to eat my dinner fruit last night, didn’t even think about it til this morning when I woke up. Oh well, there’s nothing I can do about that now.
For those of you out there who are worried about starving while on the VLCD (very low calorie diet) I would like to assure you, you won’t.

TIP: Set alarms on your cell phone (or whatever you have that will chirp at you) to remind you to take your drops and eat. I have done this for the past couple days and it is helping me be more consistent. Mine are set as follows:

5:30 am – Get up. I go to the restroom and then weigh in. I start drinking water right after weigh in.
6:30 am – FIRST 6 drops of hcg. 30 minutes later I have some green tea and keep on with the water.
9:30 am – SECOND 6 drops of hcg.
12 noon – Eat lunch.
12:30 pm – THIRD 6 drops of hcg. I wait 30 minutes and then start in on the water again. Somewhere in here (normally around 2 pm, I eat my fruit as a snack.)
3:30 pm – FOURTH 6 drops of hcg.
5:30 pm – Eat dinner.
6:30 pm – FIFTH 6 drops of hcg. I wait 30 minutes and then have my fruit so I am not eating too close to bedtime.
9:30 pm – SIXTH 6 drops of hcg. Bedtime.

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