HCG diet drops weight loss motivation

Well, I confess, I cheated last night. I had an extremely HARD day with cravings. I wasn’t hungary, I just wanted anything and everything that wasn’t allowed. So I made myself wait till I just couldn’t take it anymore. I decided to keep to protocol foods so that it wasn’t like I was having something that totally wasn’t allowed. I also made sure to not go to bed till 3 hrs after.

The strawberries were probably the best I have had in a while and I think it was all in my mind. Re-training my mind to overcome cravings will be the hardest part I think because it is rare that I am famished. I think I must have loaded correctly. I just start each day anew and I at least lost another 1.5 lbs which in mind, any loss is still good. That puts me at 11.5 lbs so far! Today has been much better with cravings but it still is early but I am bound and determined to look and feel my best. As always, everyday is a new day!

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