HCG diet drops weight loss motivation

Is this really for real?

I stepped on the scale this morning and to my surprise I lost another 4 lbs! It is days like this that make me know that on smaller loss days I can get through this. I am so pleased with the results that it makes the “lack” of food easier to deal with. I don’t have too many hunger pains. I just have to retrain my brain that it is OK to not snack between meals. The morning and the evening after dinner are the hardest but I did it yesterday and I know I can keep doing it.

To those that asked, yes I did take before pics (as much as I didn’t like taking a picture of my fat self) and took measurements which were much bigger than I thought. I think it was just me denying how I really looked. But I know I am happy and I will love my next pictures and measurements. I plan on taking measurements and more pictures every 2 weeks so I will be doing that on the 14th next. Thanks for all the support and for viewing my log.

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