hcg drops weight loss results

Yesterday wasn’t hard.

I had green tea (plain) and water ’til noon. At that point, I had about a 3 minute period where I was very suddenly VERY hungry. I think it was from smelling lunch cooking. That 3 minute period was repeated at dinner time, but again it wasn’t until I was smelling the food that I felt like that. With both meals, I “saved” my fruit and ate them about an hour and a half after the meal. I was very full at the end of each meal, such that I couldn’t have eaten more. The fruit was just enough to feel satisfied with during my snacks.

I did have a slight headache most of the day. Not sure I can contribute it to the diet though. I live in CA. and yesterday’s fog was crazy. That tends to lead to poor air quality. My sweet hubby rubbed my neck for me when he got home from work and that took care of that.

Yesterday was not hard, as I stated … and this morning’s weigh in was SO SO exciting!

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