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Hey there fellow losers.= )


I was going to quit today! i had dropped my bottle in the sink and broke it ! Thankfully i did split two bottles in one ,but after a lot of tears and anger ,i counted the drops i had and figured out i have a 5 day supply left! So as always when i need advice I took my delemia to the discussion boards! I wanted feed back on what to do. The most amazing thing happened ! a lovely lady whom i had chatted with a bit when looking for fellow Albertans/Edmonton hcg ers ,offered to lend me a bottle until mine came(It takes almost 2 weeks to get here In Canada) and then i would replace it ..I couldn’t believe that a total stranger would do this! I’m meeting her tomorrow to pick it up. Im still in shock!  I can now continue on ! and I believe I gained a new friend too! YOUR HCG ROCKS!!

So  its day 37 and I’m down 25.4 pounds!! but I’m not sure if i will have a gain tomorrow ,I have been sick for 2 days ,my system got totally flushed so to speak,finally had to take Imodium last night , was in total agony! Feeling much better today ,but zero appetite ,forced a steak and tomato supper ,a grapefruit snack and only got a few bites in of celery chicken soup..had a detox bath and lots of water so we shall see what the scale says tomorrow!

I was going to get hubby to take some pics tonight but we have the kids tonight ,so hopefully tomorrow ! I have totally started to notice the changes in my clothing ,wish my thighs would shrink some more,LOL  ,but the jeans are getting much looser! and my arms have definitely gone down! My sister came to visit last week and she could totally see the change!! I’m very lucky to have such an Amazing support system!

I’m going to have to change up some recipes , I’m getting bored with the meals ,any new recipes would be greatly appreciated!

I want to make those chocolate delights ,they have a bunch on YouTube ,will post a recipe for that when  I try it!

So for almost giving up to going to stick it for the 60 days ,and being sick , I’m exhausted and am calling it a early night !

Take care all ,and remember to reach out when your having a hard time ,or just need answers, The Your HCG family is absolutely amazing!



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