HCG diet drops weight loss motivation

I found the 2nd day of loading a little better. I didn’t feel bloated and I only ate when I was hungry. I woke up this morning and I showed a loss of 3 lbs! I am ecstatic to say the least after not expecting to see a loss so soon. I know each day is going to be different but I have set a small goal for each week so I don’t get discouraged if I have a small set back.

I set it at 5 lbs a week which I think is pretty reasonable. As my aunt said “each day is a new day” and she has lost over 100 lbs! I still remain upbeat. It has been hard as far as the hunger pains go so far this morning but I just try to combat it with drinking my water and tea and it seems to help. As I said, I still remain steadfast and upbeat in this situation. “Every day is a new day” I my mantra. I can and WILL do this!

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