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Ok, Ok, So I showed a gain of .5 this morning but to be honest I expected it. I woke up late, got a late lunch (didn’t eat all my food), went grocery shopping and running errands so there was a lot of walking, I didn’t get all my water in for the day, I had steak for dinner (always show a gain or stall in weight the day after I have steak), and I “cheated” and had the stevia soda called Zevia. I did expect it but somewhere in my mind I had hoped it was going to be a stall or small loss. It is amazing how quickly my mind goes to being “down” when I have a stall or gain when in the long run, if you think about it, to make it to 22 lbs loss in any other diet would have been a 6-9 month process.

I just have to keep telling myself, “I can do it, if my aunt Joann did it then I sure can”. This whole re training the brain thing has got to be one of the hardest things on this diet. My will power to say no to anything I am not allowed has become stronger and I think it is because I have done it in the past and seen that I loose afterwards. It still sucks that I cannot have it even if I smell/see it. This is a long, slow process but in the end I will be a much happier me!

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