HCG Diet

OK, I have reached day 20! I have made it this far, this should show you, and me of course, that I can do it. It is unbelievably the hardest thing I have ever done aside from when my newborn baby wouldn’t sleep for 5.5 months. I now have only chicken I can eat b/c I cannot stomach the taste, smell and texture of shrimp and I don’t like fish. Hopefully this doesn’t screw up my losses too much.

I woke up this morning to a 1 lb loss, which after yesterday’s no loss but no gain, puts me at 22.5 pounds in 20 days. I hope to get this diet coming faster b/c I am getting tired of smelling all the good food at restaurants and when my husband eats anything I cannot it smells so good! But I am determined to thru this and be a lighter, happier me by this summer. Hope this finds you in a good weekend day 😀

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