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Ok, so I guess I am in need of some encouragement. I woke up today with a .5 lb gain! I can think of a few things that didn’t follow protocol to a T but I have done them in the past (ie: mixing veggies) and haven’t seen a problem. It is discouraging but I still maintain I am head strong. I just keep having feelings like “If I gained when following I should have just had that chip of my husband’s that I wanted so bad, then there would have been a justifiable reason for this gain. Also, I did have to work yesterday so I can see I may have “exercised” too much but I cannot avoid that, I am a barista PT, so I am running back and forth between the register and the drive thru to get all the people their drinks. It is hard but I try to not move around too much but when it is busy I have no choice.


I maintain my thinking of “every day is a new day” today I plan on just sitting at home on my butt (as I have done before when I have loss days), drink all my water plus more, and to keep to protocol to a T. I know I didn’t finish all my food yesterday but that was because I wasn’t hungry. So today I will remain mainly sedentary and eat all my food. It is just discouraging after having so many .5 lb loss days and to finish with this one. My TOM is pretty much over so it shouldn’t be that. I just know that I have come so far, so I can keep doing it and at least it was only a .5 gain and not a 1 or more pound gain. Today is a new day and I will keep my head up!

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