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The Underlying Causes of Obesity

There are many in our culture who are unable to lose weight even though they are maintaining a healthy well-balanced diet and are attempting to be active. Even those individuals with a complete awareness of the negative health implications of obesity are still gaining unwanted weight.

With that being said, there are many obese Americans who are extremely desperate for something else to assist with their weight loss. However, prior to any significant changes to reduce obesity, the situation must be addressed and clearly understood. Some of the causes of obesity include, but not limited to, are one’s genetic makeup, psychological issues, emotional concerns as well as the environment playing a role.

Causes of Obesity

To begin with, genetics are only partially responsible. There have been many claims that a cause of obesity is that children inherit it from their obese parents. Even with this, it does not entirely define genetics as a ‘cause’. However, the majority will agree that genetics is not entirely responsible for the causes of obesity.

Anxiety, depression and stress are often stated as causes of obesity as well.  There are those individuals that crave high caloric fatty food stating they provide some type of comfort in alleviating psychological distress.

In our culture, environmental causes are seemingly everywhere. Many do not engage in a robust lifestyle but rather position themselves between complete sedentary and relatively moderate. As the weight gradually increases the activity level decreases in direct proportion. Eating healthy tends to go by the wayside either misguided or unintentional.

End the Causes of Obesity

One way many are turning away from the obesity epidemic is by following the HCG Diet plan. While using the HCG drops, an average of 1-2 pounds daily can be expected on a sensible diet. There are no reported side effects and the results speak for themselves from those who have achieved amazing results. Your HCG strives to put a stop to the causes of obesity.

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