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Hello HCGers! It has been a while since my last blog and everything has been crazy. That is how life goes. Anyway, from my last entry I wasn’t sure how thinga were going with my weight lose and I got to find out first hand why. I got sick and you know the body goes into over drive on trying to balance us out when we get sick. So I had to stop the drops for a while. On the flip side I have been maintaining what I did loose with the help of zumba and manual labor at my job. People the weather is nice go out and do yard work, start a walking program, do something to be active. A light walk on a beautiful day like today will open up the mind and make your body feel wonderful.
I do plan on going back on the drops again soon. I will keep everyone posted and maybe I will have dropped some extra on my own. Good luck to all HCGers. Don’t forget you can friend me on facebook.

Sorry it has been so many days since my last entry. Hope to post again soon. I want to keep encouraging others and let them know that yes life does get in the way sometimes, but we have to keep being motivated, focused, and find ways to pick ourselves up even though there are set backs.
Have a great weekend!

Thank you,

Catherine Copeland

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