Exercise is Crucial for Health

Exercise on the hcg diet is a very important aspect of maintaining optimal health. Not only will it assist in weight loss but it has also been known to improve self esteem,. Exercise helps prevent depression as well as preventing diabetes and heart disease among other benefits.  While on the HCG diet we recommend doing low impact exercise such as walking, swimming, and light yoga for up to an hour four times a week.  Doing too much strenuous exercise can not only slow weight loss (especially if you are not accustomed to an exercise regiment) but it can also cause hunger and fatigue because the diet is not geared towards supporting a more intense workout routine.

Five Exercise Types

There are five workout types for women which can assist you in maintaining your weight loss long term as well as promoting the other positive aspects of exercise listed above.  One of the most common forms of exercise is Aerobic exercises. Some examples of Aerobic exercises include bicycling, jump rope, swimming, running, hiking, and tennis.  These are great because they do not require a membership to a gym in order to participate.    Anaerobic exercises typically involve higher impact such as weight training, sprinting, or other high-intensity training which helps to build muscle.

A popular form of exercise for women is to join local exercise classes such as Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, and Tae Bo.  These types of classes are very popular because they help to tone your body, build muscle, and increase stamina in a relaxed and fun environment.  Most gyms have scheduled classes available and offer varying degrees of difficulty depending on your experience and comfort level.

Another type of exercise many women enjoy is circuit training.  This involves a series of up to 10 strength or cardiovascular exercises with 10-15 repetitions on each exercise with very little rest between stations repeated up to 3 times.  Many gyms have a circuit station set up with a row of exercise machines including leg press, leg lifts, squat machine, leg curls, lateral pull down etc.  However, you can set up your own circuit training without needing to purchase equipment or join a gym. You can do so with a series of exercises including jumping jacks, push ups, sit ups, leg lifts, wall squats etc.

Flexibility exercises are also beneficial to your overall health and not just recommended as a warm up before other types of exercise.  Stretching your muscles can help add strength to joints. It has also been known to assist with muscle soreness, blood circulation, and can cause your body to produce more synovial fluid, which acts as a lubricant between your joints.

Exercise for Women Summary

One of the most important aspects of choosing a type of workout is to find something that interests you.  Persistence is the only way for you to gain the benefits of working out.  If you quit exercising then the health benefits received from exercise are lost fairly quickly. If you do not enjoy lifting weights, then you are more likely to quit lifting weights after only a few rounds. Make sure to find something that you look forward to doing so you continue to participate and continue to grow and improve both in mind and body.

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