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Trainer Gains 70 Pounds And Then Loses It All On Purpose [VIDEO]

You may have heard about Drew Manning and his attempt to understand his clients struggle with weight.  Being fit for most of his life, he decided to let go of the gym and his healthy eating habits and give it up for fast food and soda for 6 months.  Once his “fat” phase was up, he would then move to his “fit” phase  focusing on his weight loss and health of his 12 month journey labeled as fit2fat2fit.

Weight Gain Challenge

He decided to do this weight gain/weight loss program because he was convinced that people used genetics or similar excuses as a crutch to lose weight and get healthy.  His wife says that he was a “judgemental trainer by looking at someone overweight and calling them lazy.  This opinion he had was making it challenging for him to help his overweight clients.  He would become frustrated when overweight clients would want to give up so easily so he decided that if he was overweight and unhealthy like his clients, he would better understand his clients’ struggles so that he could help them overcome it.

In his first 6 months, he gained 72 pounds.  He went from a 34-inch waist and 193 pounds to a 48-inch waist and 265 pounds.  His journey took an emotional toll on him, in addition to a physical toll.   His wife states that he would say “he was so insecure, saying ‘I’m so fat.  I look so horrible,’ constantly complaining about he he looks.”  Manning says it did affect his relationships and self-confidence and thinking of returning to the gym made him very nervous.

Weight Loss Challenge

Similar to the HCG diet, Manning went through his share of criticism with experts saying his weight gain to weight loss stunt was dangerous.  Manning, like many overweight people, experienced high blood pressure and high cholesterol due to being overweight.  Also, like many people who start the HCG diet, he also suffered from soda/sugar deprivation headaches and food cravings on his final 6 months to fit.  As he can tell from the pictures and video, he was able to lose all of the weight he put on, but it wasn’t easy.

While Manning did not do the HCG diet, it is a very inspirational story to hear that he was able to overcome very challenging obstacles with losing his weight.  Head over to our HCG diet testimonial page and read more testimonials on people achieving weight loss goals.

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  1. Darlene Mobley
    Darlene Mobley says:

    Drew Manning’s testimony was informational and encouraging. I was on HCG for about 8 months including maintenance. I stopped. During this time, though I believe my hypothalamus reset, I regained. The issues of stress and eating were the prey. I am now retired and want to resume this body/mind alternative. Would HCG help me maintain this?

    • Sadie Salazar
      Sadie Salazar says:

      Hi Darlene – HCG can help reset your hypothalamus gland a new lower weight. Definitely getting stress and eating under control will help in long term weight maintenance, but the HCG can help you lose weight and reset your hypothalamus gland. If you have any more questions, please call us at 877-748-2709 or chat with us at http://www.yourhcg.com. 🙂


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