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Top HCG Diet Testimonials

Your HCG Releases Customer HCG Diet Testimonials

Your HCG releases several of the top customer HCG diet  testimonials. The HCG diet has been around for over 50 years. Dr. Simeons released his HCG diet protocol, Pounds and Inches, in the 1950s. Most Americans want to know the facts and see that it works before purchasing the HCG diet. Owner Dan Edmund said ‘We started our social networking pages on Facebook and Twitter to help get the word out about HCG. Also we wanted people who were skeptical to be able to see real customers results. The response we have had is overwhelming.’

A few HCG Diet Testimonials from our Facebook page and Twitter page:

– “I am on Round 2 Phase 3 and down 60lbs. I love the HCG diet! I haven’t been this healthy in years.”
– “Today I fit into my newest goal pants. A nice pair of size 14 jeans!!! HCG drops has been a dream come true!! I just completed 3 rounds of the HCG diet. I started in Aug at 250lbs and today I am 199lbs!!”
– “R1P2D26 and I have went from 247 pounds to 229.6 as of today. That’s 18 pounds gone and it feels so good. This is a journey but I can taste those smaller size jeans and smaller waist.”
– “I can tie my shoes without losing my breath!!! Curl up in the bed in a little ball!!!”
– “I can zip up my jeans without struggle and my scrubs are looser, they were getting a little fitted and I refused to go buy large ones… this is when I decided to find the best diet ever, and I think I found it. ”

Your HCG wants your HCG diet testimonials

Your HCG has a HCG diet testimonials program where they give HCG dieters free HCG for customers who submit their HCG diet testimonials, before/after pictures and videos.


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