hcg diet weight loss

Blog 6 - Encouragement! [Catherine's HCG Journey]

Hello HCGers! It has been a while since my last blog and everything…
hcg weight loss

Stall - Any help? [Catherine's HCG Journey]

Hi to everyone, This week has been terrible for me. I have stalled…
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Down 14 lbs! Day 8! [Catherine's HCG Journey]

Well I am thrilled, even with a very minor set back, I am down…
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Blog #3 1.2 lbs. up [Catherine's HCG Journey]

Well, this weekend didn't start out very well. I know what you…
HCG diet drops weight loss motivation

Day 2 R1P2D2 [Catherine's HCG Journey]

Well I am very excited. I woke up this morning on P2D2 with a…
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Join me on my journey - loading day [Catherine's HCG Journey]

Hello to everyone that is joining me on my journey with HCG.…