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My HCG Journey Begins R1P1D1 [Jennifer’s HCG Journey]

Good Morning World, I’m ready!!!  I wasn’t too disappointed with my weight this morning, knowing I was going on this diet, I “indulged” a bit more the days leading up to this journey.  Actually, when I got pregnant with Bryson I was hovering between 155 & 160 lbs, due to the holidays and several parties.  I was actually “heavy” for me at the time I conceived Bryson.  My weight now though is a different 160 lbs, everything hovers around my hips and I have a “loose” belly.  I know the joys of childbearing but I really want to do something about this oversized “muffin top” & large, deflated basketball in my belly, I want to feel pretty again and not a frumpy mom who never lost the baby weight. I took my drops this morning and was surprised they didn’t taste too bad, I can do this…I have to do this.  I also took some B12 drops, I read on the HCG FB page that helps with energy levels, I need that with a 2 year old.  I have a feeling it’s going to be some getting used to using different products and gloves.  Especially, when I have to change my son’s diaper and at bath times.  I just keep telling myself it’s a short price to pay…nothing tastes better than being a SKINNY Momma!  I’m going to try and journal at least once every day, maybe even multiple times a day if I can.  Wish me luck!  Oh before I go, I also need to mention that my husband, Jeremy is very supportive and that has helped tremendously, he lets me babble and babble about the people I’ve met on the HCG FB Page and about the diet itself.



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