HCG diet- ways to relax

Ideas and Tips to Help Relax

When is the last time you were able to completely sit back and relax with no worries? Most people can quickly respond, never! Here are some tips on how to ease your stress and finally relax on and off of the HCG diet.

Relax, it is Important

One of America’s largest health concerns is stress, responsible for 75-90% of doctor visits according to the American Institute for Stress. This is no wonder as 6 areas of daily life directly cause stress to you and those around you: relationships, finances, health, personal safety, home, and career. The stress these items cause can lead to issues such as heart disease, cancer, depression, autoimmune disease, and even reproductive problems.

Many people choose to deal with stress in a manner that can actually cause more issues, such as drinking, smoking, eating, and even recreational drug use. These will get you further from the happy and healthy life that you are seeking!

Ways to Help You Relax

Laugh- watching a funny movie and laughing out loud can really release some tension. Or play make-believe with your kids. This gives you one on one time as well as lets you blow off some steam. Children laugh on average of 80-100 times per day; an average adult only laughs 5-6 times per day.

Take a break- Read your favorite book, take a nap, or even give yourself a time out. Getting a little “you” time can really help calm things down and create a new plan to keep stress under control.

Exercise- Go for a walk, or do some stretching- 15 minutes of getting some good blood flow and calming down can release endorphins to only make you feel better!

Yoga- This is a practice that will focus on management and stress relief. You will focus on breathing and connecting with yourself. This exercise is also a great thing to do while on the HCG diet.

Make a check list- Assign yourself a to-do and start with the small things. This will get things done and help you manage the larger items more easily!

Music- Turn off the news or talk radio and get away from world issues for awhile. Instead put on your favorite song or music and just enjoy it!

Aroma therapy- By using calming scents at home or in your car, you can remain calm and alert. Peppermint and cinnamon will improve concentration levels and make you less irritable. Lemon and coffee scents allow high concentration and clear thinking. Ocean scents will relieve stress, relax muscles and calm the mind.

Healthy Snacking – A lot of people tend to gain weight when life is stressful, due to poor eating habits. If you are going through a stressful time, one great way to help cope is to eat healthy snacks, full of nutrients and vitamins.

What are some ways you love to relax?

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  1. kayla
    kayla says:

    Thanks for compiling this list. It’s important to remind ourselves how simple it is to stay calm and centered. I’m glad you put laughter as your number one tip since it’s a proven stress reliever that I practice daily. In fact, I have gotten in the habit of bringing my tablet to my office at Dish so I can break it out on my lunch and watch a funny show. I have the free Dish Remote Access app that allows me to tap into my usual TV channels through the sling adapter connected at home, so I can chuckle along to 30 Rock or something wherever I’m at. It helps so much to relieve the tension on a particularly stressful day by having a laugh or two, and it’s so much better than watching the depressing news that they always have playing the break rooms. Thanks again for the great post and remember to keep smiling!


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