Weight Loss 0.2 R1P2D15 [Jennifer’s HCG Journey]

Well only 0.2 lbs but I’m not going to dwell on it.  Today, I was a little cranky, it wasn’t due to hunger, just fighting off my urge to snack out of habit since we were stuck in the house all day since there was a snow storm.  I made it, but not without biting my husband’s head off a few times, thankfully he’s a very understanding & forgiving guy.   I took a detox bath late in the afternoon, and that helped to relax me.  I grilled some London Broil for dinner on my George Foreman Grill, a little anxious to see how it affects the scale tomorrow because I feel so full.  Also, I’m so happy the smooth move tea worked, I had a small “BM” this morning.  I did wake up a few times throughout the night with mild cramping, I knew that was a sign the tea was working.      I’m sitting here reflecting as I write this that wow, two weeks ago today, I was loading on fats, pizza, heavy cream, etc. and here I sit 15 lbs lighter.    I know my food journal and my timer (for my drops) have been my little tools that have helped to keep me on track each day towards my goal.



  1. By: Natalie

    on: February 28, 2011 . Reply

    Recipe for detox bath – thank you!


  2. By: Jennifer

    on: February 28, 2011 . Reply

    The recipe for the detox bath is found on the members only blog page, in the bottom right hand corner. You would receive access to this page when you received your bottle of HCG from YourHCG. I hope this helps.



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