Got Past The HCG Diet Stall [Belina’s HCG Journey]

Hello again, today is R1P2D14. Two weeks on the VLCD and the last three I was stuck, no weight loss! Needless to say I was upset..and yesterday was brutal, I had soooo many cravings, for everything from chocolate to chips to toast with butter..BUT I made the conection! I’m an emoitional eater and I was upset yesterday! But I persevered and made it through without cheating!

You just can’t cheat on this plan! It wrecks all the hard work you put in already!

So this mornings weigh in showed  a .6 loss!! Im good with that as long as that scale keeps going down! I remeasured today and have a 1.5 inch loss..But im going to find a proper chart for where EXACTLY to measure, because I think I’m doing it wrong.
Im seeing lots of recipes on the discussion boards and will post some more of those too !
So folks  thats all for today!




  1. By: Jennifer

    on: March 4, 2011 . Reply

    Congratulations on the loss and the breakthrough connection!!

  2. By: Jodi

    on: March 4, 2011 . Reply

    I’m not sure how to measure either. Maybe we should ask yourHCG to help us out with that!! There has to be more people than just me and you who aren’t sure either!

    Congrats on the loss, and getting through the stall without cheating. I am craving all kinds of things too, but I think it is my mind playing tricks on me because I “can’t” have them so I want them. I am not hungry, so it’s just my mind!

  3. By: Pat

    on: March 4, 2011 . Reply

    Good job Belinda….



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