HCG Maintenance Day 5 Alesha

I feel like I am cheating. Yesterday felt so good to have my husband’s eggs for breakfast again. We used to make breakfast together on Sunday mornings before I started this diet so I have been missing that time together and his eggs. So my day looked like this, 2 eggs and an orange for breakfast, chicken for snack, Greek salad w/ feta and my own dressing, chicken for snack again and dinner was 1 oz of block cheese, chicken and almonds, then a plum for night snack. It felt so good to eat something else and I was not even hungry, when I was I would have a snack. I find it surprising, even tho I was expecting it, that I couldn’t eat too much before I was full. But I am not complaining. I may be waiting till after summer to do my next round b/c I have so much going on but I will play it by ear.


I cannot believe how “easy” this diet is as far as, if you just stick to protocol you will have good results. I had lost another 2 lbs yesterday morning since my last dose but I knew it would come back after I started eating more. This morning I awoke to a 1.5 lb gain but I expected it so I am not complaining. I just hope I am able to keep within my LDW like we need to. If that is the case, I am beyond excited to see the results as I go. I hope this finds everyone with a great loss day or maintaining day and that you had a great weekend. Always remember every day is a new day. 😀



  1. By: Patty

    on: April 4, 2011 . Reply

    Hey, Good for you!!! I know what you mean by feeling like your cheating.. I was so afraid to get on the scale after eating on my first dat of maintenance. Happy to say I had no reason to be afraid. I too have lost alittle and gained alittle. Not ever over/under 2 lbs. I am just beyond thrilled to have found this diet plan. I have turned 3 people onto this already, and I will make it my mission to continue to pass it on. Have a great day!!

  2. By: Pat (Day 38) 30.5 # DOWN!!!

    on: April 4, 2011 . Reply

    Good for you girls !! It makes me feel better knowing you are doing well so far. I hit the 30lb weight loss yesterday, but stayed the same today, but not complaining, as I did it in 38 days(not too bad). Yahoo for you girls !!

  3. By: Pat (Day 39) 31.2 # DOWN!!!

    on: April 5, 2011 . Reply

    OK… The scale has moved again… .8lbs down, so that is 1.6 in the past 3 days!! Feeling good that my 1 day stalls have not continued to 4-5 days as last month. I went to bed with a terrible headache that I battled all evening, hardly slept and I still have it this morning…Nasty, I hate headaches. Guess I will really pump the water in today. Hope all is well with you girls!! 🙂 🙂

  4. By: Angie

    on: June 4, 2011 . Reply

    Hi all, I just started this is my day three. My son just graduated I have family visiting and they are big eaters and bakers. Have stayed on the diet need some support for tomorrow. Tomorrow is Ssaturday it will be hard. I was very sleepy this afternoon, is this normal?



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