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Days 14-16 [Alesha’s HCG Journey]

Blog-Day 14

Well, well. I knew I wouldn’t have a big loss this morning after my day yesterday. I lost .5 lb this morning which at least it is a loss. I had red meat for lunch which I always have a low loss on days after I eat red meat, I had white meat from a rotisserie chicken for dinner. I know the chicken wasn’t the best but I am starting to get tired of shrimp and I still have a weird aversion to chicken that I have prepared raw. I at least only measured out 1.5 oz because it was already cooked and I pulled the meat from way deep down so it had less contact with the skin. Let me tell you, it was wonderful!
I also decided to get a wild bug up my butt and clean the house. I tried to take it slowly but you know how you are when you are on a time constraint. My mom took my son so my husband and I could tackle it together. Needless to say I worked my butt almost off but it was so worth it, the whole day was. I got red meat, rotisserie chicken and cleaned my house. I even tried the zevia soda that is made from stevia and it tasted great to finally have something like a pop. They say use at your own risk and I don’t expect to have one every day. It is just nice to have once in a while since I am a pop junkie. It is like a guilty pleasure. So I guess seeing the .5 loss today isn’t surprising to me b/c I kind of expected it due to the food, activity and small indulgence I had. I hope the weekend and time change brought good weight to everyone and remember, every day is a new day.


Blog-Day 15

Well I am down another .5 lb this morning so at least it is a loss. I am still struggling with what to eat b/c of my distaste for chicken, now shrimp and also have never liked any fish but tuna fish in the can. I will keep eating, it is just putting a damper in my “I love to taste food” mind that I can keep doing this. I know I can, it is just getting harder when I have such limited choices on meat. I make sure to only eat red meat only 2 times a week at most but I try to stick to once a week. Overall I am still happy. I know I have come a far way and only 1.5 lbs left to hit my next goal of 20 lbs! I am going to measure myself this afternoon. This will be the first time in two weeks of starting so I am excited to see how not only I but my mother did too! I hope this blog finds you on a good day. Always remember….every day is a new day.


Blog-Day 16

Well, another .5 loss. But on a higher note, I measured myself yesterday after 15 days and I have lost a total of 10 inches all around! 4 of it was just on my stomach. That makes me happier. But also it is disconcerning when this is my 4th day of loosing only .5 each day. I know, it is at least a loss but I was doing so well and haven’t changed anything. I haven’t cheated, I have stuck to protocol, even don’t eat all my food b/c I am not hungry for it. I am not sure what to do. I know it is still my time of the month so I keep that in the back of my head. I am just hoping it picks up even if for just one day. But as always, every day is a new day.



  1. By: Pat (Day 19) 22.5 & holding !

    on: March 16, 2011 . Reply

    Hi.. I stayed the same wt. as yesterday, and yes, I too am not seeing the weight dropped like I think it should. I am so tired of chicken & fish, that today I tossed my lunch in the garbage after a couple of bites,,,, I was not even hungry to begin with, so I am concerned about this. Maybe I will do an “apple day” just to change things up from having to eat any protein & to get the scale moving down faster. I am frustrated, especially when I have not cheated or gone off protocol at all. OK.. I need to take a few deep breaths, think positive & continue my journey RIGHT??

    • By: Alesha

      on: March 16, 2011 . Reply

      yes Pat, I feel your pain. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy at the results thus far but it just doesn’t seem to drop off like I thought it would as far as amounts each day. And the same with the food. I am feeling a little let down but knowing that my rings need to be sized already and my pants are loose is a nice welcome.

      • By: Pat (Day 19) 22.5 & holding !

        on: March 17, 2011 . Reply

        Ya I agree… rings/pants are big. I did lose 22.5 lbs so far in 19 days, so that is cool. I guess I am spoiled by how the weight came off so fast and now it seems a struggle to get even a pound off, $%?$! I am doing an apple day tomorrow if I get up and the scale is not good to me. I will fight for every pound!!

        • By: Pat (Day 19) 22.5 ! & holding

          on: March 17, 2011 . Reply

          OMG !!! AGAIN the same weight!!!! I don’t get it???? OK I am doing an apple day today!!! I am so so frustrated…………………………. 🙁

  2. By: Hope

    on: March 17, 2011 . Reply

    I am feeling the same about the protein, UGH. I ordered the protein shake from the website. It is pretty good. You can make smoothies with strawberries. You can just drink it and get the protein over with 🙂



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