Day 3 R1P2D1, 3 lbs. Lost [Alesha’s HCG Journey]

I found the 2nd day of loading a little better. I didn’t feel bloated and I only ate when I was hungry. I woke up this morning and I showed a loss of 3 lbs! I am ecstatic to say the least after not expecting to see a loss so soon. I know each day is going to be different but I have set a small goal for each week so I don’t get discouraged if I have a small set back.

I set it at 5 lbs a week which I think is pretty reasonable. As my aunt said “each day is a new day” and she has lost over 100 lbs! I still remain upbeat. It has been hard as far as the hunger pains go so far this morning but I just try to combat it with drinking my water and tea and it seems to help. As I said, I still remain steadfast and upbeat in this situation. “Every day is a new day” I my mantra. I can and WILL do this!



  1. By: Belina

    on: March 3, 2011 . Reply

    Aesome ,,keep on blogging girl and take before pics,and measurements!! VERY Important!! pictures dont lie and you will SEE the results working on your body!!
    Love the Mantra!

    keep on Keeping on!!

  2. By: Alesha

    on: March 4, 2011 . Reply

    Thanks Belina, I did take pics and measurements. I am just not comfortable posting my before pic yet but maybe on the 14th when I take my next pic and measurements I will be so proud of the difference then I will 😀



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