Day 13 [Alesha’s HCG Journey]

Well, I do have to say I am uber proud of myself. Yesterday at the birthday party we went to it was temptation at every corner. I was offered yummy, lots of cheese pizza, sliders, pop and cake with marshmallow frosting! I held my own and drank my water and didn’t have a single bite. We then went to our friends house for another birthday party and they had tons, and I mean tons, of cake, pizza, pop and apple danishes. I again held my own and didn’t even have a bite. I am proud of myself, it was hard and kind of depressing but I made it thru and the ‘gods’ shine down on me this morning. I woke up and found I lost 1.5 lbs! And it is even my TOM! I am elated to say the least.

Man it was hard but I stuck to it and kept in the back of my mind how far I have come and how much further I have to go. Plus the picture of myself when I am skinny, or should I say smaller, is what kept me going aside from my son as well. If I can do it so can anyone else on this protocol. It is all a mind over matter. When you know things like this are coming and you can plan ahead it is always nice but I remain prepared for those other times where it just shows up. I have to go to Costco this afternoon to get veggies and fruit and I know it is sample day. I will remain steadfast in my journey and stay away as best I can. I just make a bee line for what I am going for and then get out. As always, every day is a new day and I hope this blog finds you in good spirits like me 😀


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  1. By: Belina

    on: March 14, 2011 . Reply

    WAY TO GO!! those tempations can be brutal! So proud of you!!
    Keep on keeping on!



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