Day 10 [Alesha’s HCG Journey]

Well, well. I keep mentally thinking “There is going to be a day when I wake up and there isn’t a loss right?” but to my amazement it has only happened once. This morning I lost another pound so that puts me at my first goal. I said if I loose 15 lbs in 15 days I will be happy. Well it only took 10 days! I am absolutely ecstatic. I am seeing bigger numbers in my future and not feeling too limited. I am struggling with the protein though. I for some reason the past few months have had a weird aversion to chicken. I keep myself on a schedule and don’t mind it. I get a cup of tea in the morning when I wake up with my son. Then take my drops at 8am, I try to finish my first water jug of water by 11am so I drink it constantly taking sips here and there. I take another set of drops around 10-10:30am. Then I get my son up from his nap around 11:30am, feed him lunch then put him in his bouncer and make my lunch. I like having my shrimp cooked in a drop of chicken broth with garlic and onion powder and serve it over cucumbers that have been tossed in apple cider vinegar and I cut up a hand full of strawberries in small pieces so visually it looks like more…hahaha…mind over matter. If I feel hungry afterwards then I have my melba toast but most of the time by the time I am done eating that I am full and don’t want my toast. The afternoon looks the same as the morning and then comes dinner. I am finding it harder to not have shrimp again for dinner but when I have already had my red meat allowed for the week I just don’t want to eat chicken. The only chicken I can seem to want is rotisserie chicken but I know we can’t have that. So I try to just stomach it and get it over with. My cravings at night seem to be getting better but they are still there. I just tell myself, every time I am craving/hungry and cannot have anything then I have a big gulp of water and wait 20 minutes to re-evaluate.

Over all I have been pretty upbeat to get this done and a loss every day, whether small or big, is a great motivator. I am so happy to have the support of the women on here that leave comments and the facebook site as well. It is a great community to be a part of. My friend that was motivated by me started last weekend and is doing great to. I am so happy to have so much help and support. I do not think I could have done it with out all of you. My mom is steadily losing too, slow but sure, and I am so proud of her too! Over all I am enjoying this and it is nice to have to plan meals now because it leaves no room for the way it used to be, “nothing is ready, don’t know what to make. Let’s just order out” beside the fact that we cannot eat fast food anyway. Again, color me happy over my results and cannot wait for tomorrow to see what the scale holds.



  1. By: Jodi

    on: March 11, 2011 . Reply

    15 pounds in ten days!!!! You are a total brat! LOL. You know I am playing, right?! But I am telling you, seems like everyone is kicking my hind parts!!!!! Day 10, 12.4lbs. for me!!! (I am not really complaining!)
    Great job Sweetheart! 🙂
    Thanks for being able to open up like that!!!! I feel that way too!!

    • By: Alesha

      on: March 11, 2011 . Reply

      Haha, yeah I know you are kidding. If it makes you feel better you have lost just a little bit more than my mom and she is on the same day as me. Good job to you too! I figure the more honest and open I am about what I am going thru may help out someone reading this and going thru the same feelings. Maybe they won’t feel so alone.

  2. By: susan

    on: March 12, 2012 . Reply

    Hi Alesha,,,, I have also had phenominalluck withthe hcg,,,today is day tenand Ive lost fifteen pounds! I feel sooo good,,,and I sleep soooo deep! One of my favfecipies,,is to take 3 oz very lean hamburg,,,,,put in frying pan,,,,, add garlic,,salt pepper and chili powder,,,,, crumble the meat, then pretend its a taco I put it in lettuce leaves and wrap it up,,,its very good,,,you end up having about five,,,,, you can also have the tofu “spaghetti” It acts as your melba toast,,, I made a shrimp scampi out of it,,,,,, but last night when I tried to eat them again,,I couldnt do it! hahahah,,its the texture,,,but my girlfriend loved them,,so m aybe you would like them,,,,, I also want to go another week or two. I want to have five pounds to play with…. I would be lying if I said that i didnt want some chinease food and wine!!! haha That will be my celebratory meal!!!



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