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Tips to help you with cravings while on Phase 2 of the HCG diet

Here are some tips to help you overcome, hunger, frustration and even cravings while on Phase 2 of the HCG diet:

  1. GUM – Chew a piece of HCG approved gum.  SteviaDent is a great choice and can be purchased at
  2. SPICES – Spice up your diet!  Instead of eating that tomato plain, try adding some italian spices, vinegar, or salt and pepper.  Spices are a great addition to almost any meal and will leave you feeling more satisfied, so your diet is not so bland.  Try the great recipes on the blog…they are all very tasty!
  3. EGGS – Dr. Simeons allows for the occasional use of eggs while on the HCG diet.  You can have one whole egg and 3 egg whites to equal one serving of protein.  So if you are bored of chicken, fish and red meat, make some eggs!  You can even make an omelet containing your favorite vegetable (remember, this takes care of your vegetable and protein serving for one meal).
  4. BRUSH YOUR TEETH – If all else fails, brush your teeth!  I know it sounds crazy, but how often do you feel like eating after you’ve brushed your teeth?
  5. FACEBOOK – If you are feeling frustrated, overwhelmed or hungry, visit our facebook page,  There are thousands of people on this facebook page who are always there to give you support, encouragement and tips.  Feel free to call one of our trained health coaches as well 1-877-748-2709.  We are there for you!
  6. IMAGINATION – Before you cheat and/or give up, picture yourself skinny!  This keeps me motivated most of the time, and prevents me from cheating.
  7. WATER – Drinking water, especially with lemon, is a great way to fight hunger while on the HCG diet.  You will be surprised how full you feel after drinking a glass or 2 of water.  Adding lemon helps with weight loss, decreases cravings, and provides you with some extra flavor.
  8. GREEN TEA – Green tea is proven to aid in weight loss efforts.  It is also an appetite suppressant!  Try it hot or cold, and add some stevia if you wish.  Lemon flavored stevia is wonderful in green tea.  Don’t like tea?  Get some green tea capsules at your local health food store.
  9. SNACK! – I am a huge snacker!  I feel like I need to eat every 3 hours or I will literally die!  ;) So here is how eat my allowed foods throughout the day (Approved by Dr. Simeons)  10 AM – Fruit, 12 PM – Veggie and Protein, 2 PM – Melba Toast, 5 PM – Veggie and Protein, 6 PM – Melba Toast, 8 PM- Fruit.


  1. By: Myra

    on: October 17, 2010 . Reply

    I have purchased drops at a local store. They referred me to this blog, but everytime I go to HCG diet or go to hypertext hcg diet, it brings me to the page to make a purchase. This is frustrating and makes me think this is a racket. Please help me.

    • By: Trisha

      on: November 19, 2010 . Reply

      Hi There,
      I was looking for Maintenance info and saw your comment. If you email me at I can give you some information on the low calorie/phase 2 of the diet. I am just finishing with 30 days of my first round of drops from this site and have lost 27 pounds, I expect to lose about 3 more by next week for a total of 30. I am then going to do maintenance for 6 weeks through the holidays and do another round after January. I have had a hard time finding the blog on here too but assure you its not a racket. My best friend paid over $700 for the injections. I have paid the 30 day price of $119 and have lost more weight than her so this really works. If you email me I can give you my meal plan and some pointers. You absolutely cannot cheat because I had two small cheats and didnt lose for 2 – 3 days after. Let me know if you need help.

      • By: Yolanda

        on: November 30, 2010 . Reply


        Hi, I just purchased these drops today and trying to get all info as possible to make it happen. You said you would give us some info on the low calorie phase 2…please do

        • By: maria

          on: January 26, 2011 . Reply

          I would the recipes. please,,

      • By: Gloria mitchell

        on: February 27, 2011 . Reply

        Hi Trisha I just started the program and I am going crazy trying to get the 30 day meal plan off my computer so maybe you can email me your plan. I would greatly appreciate it.
        I’m desperate right now .


  2. By: Samantha

    on: October 24, 2010 . Reply

    are shirataki noodles allowed on the diet?

    • By: Pam

      on: May 31, 2011 . Reply

      Yes, shirataki noodles aka “miracle noodles” are allowed and considered a vegetable serving. Great served with stir frys and Italian dishes.

  3. By: angela

    on: December 5, 2010 . Reply

    I read that sugar free jello and broth were considered a free food, is this true?

  4. By: Sadie

    on: January 21, 2011 . Reply

    I would like to know if I could eat string beans or broccali as my vegetable and if yes how much in a serving.

    • By: Jesse

      on: January 24, 2011 . Reply

      String beans and broccoli are not on the approved foods list. If you have more questions about what you can and can’t eat, give us a call at 877-748-2709 or live chat us.


  5. By: maria

    on: January 26, 2011 . Reply

    I would to have more information on phase 3,tks…

    • By: Jesse

      on: January 26, 2011 . Reply

      Give us a call at 877-748-2709 and we can give you more info on phase 3.


  6. By: Pat (Day 26) 26 # & holding

    on: March 24, 2011 . Reply

    All you need to do if you have questions is do an “Online Chat” they are very helpful and have all the answers for you. Just read all the information, and if you do not see a food item you want on the list DO NOT EAT IT !! Simple as that… do not assume if something has little or no calories that is is safe. NOT! Just read read read…………….



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