exercise on the hcg diet

Exercise On the HCG Diet

A lot of customers are concerned, due to health or personal reasons, about having to exercise on the HCG diet. Exercise is defiantly not required for any weight loss results. The HCG will continue to target the fat in your body, with or without exercise.

Can you continue to exercise on the HCG diet?

We have a lot of customers who have a desire to continue their exercise on the HCG diet. Your HCG recommends doing low-impact exercise throughout the program. Low-impact exercise is good to get the heart rate going, but also does not interfere with the very delicate process the HCG is doing to your body. Swimming, walking, and yoga are some good low-impact exercises. It is best to do these while on P2 because you are not eating enough protein to support a more active lifestyle and you can start to feel very weak. Strenuous exercise can also cause you to retain water.

Dr. Simeon’s HCG protocol states, “Finally, the weight can temporarily increase – paradoxical though this may sound – after an exceptional physical exertion of long duration leading to a feeling of exhaustion. A game of tennis, a vigorous swim, a run, a ride on horseback or a round of golf do not have this effect; but a long trek, a day of skiing, rowing or cycling or dancing into the small hours usually result in a gain of weight on the following day”

When can you exercise on the HCG diet?

You can start to add exercise on the HCG diet about the second week into P3. Allow the first week for you to restock your protein supply (eat lean protein every 2-3 hours for the first 3-4 days so you don’t get protein deficient) and then allow a few more days to make sure that your weight is stabilizing. At that point, you can exercise on the HCG diet.



  1. By: Barb

    on: January 14, 2011 . Reply

    Are there restriction if you have high blood pressure? or on certain medications? ie: beta-blocker, or statin Thank you

    • By: Jesse

      on: January 15, 2011 . Reply

      Low impact- walking, swimming, light yoga. For up to an hour 3-4 times a week (or less).

  2. By: Pam

    on: January 29, 2011 . Reply

    What about rebounding? Also known as mini-tramp. It’s very low impact but you can really work up a sweat if you stay with it.

  3. By: Britt

    on: January 31, 2011 . Reply

    I am currently at the gym 4-6 days a week and all I do is cardio on the elliptical for an hour. I usually burn between 450-670 calories. Is it okay for me to stay on this? I feel so sluggish and fat when I do not work out. I ordered yourHCG and it will be here in a week or so.

    • By: Jesse

      on: February 1, 2011 . Reply

      No it isn’t. Try to limit your workouts to 20-30 minutes and no more than 3-4 times per week. No cardio only low impact like walking or yoga.

      • By: Britt

        on: February 12, 2011 . Reply

        Please don’t interpret this as rude….but why not? I’m merely curious.

  4. By: Tiffany

    on: February 25, 2011 . Reply

    I work out with a personal trainer 3 day per week for 30 minutes each session. I do some cardio and weight lifting. Is this okay?

  5. By: katrina

    on: May 1, 2012 . Reply

    Just ordered a 30 days supply and would like to know if split 20 mins of walking on treadmill and 20 mins of toning be considered low impact? Five days a week M-F.

  6. By: Sadie

    on: May 17, 2012 . Reply

    With too much exercise and too high of an impact of exercise, your body can go into starvation mode while on the HCG diet. Keep your exercises low impact to include walking, yoga, or swimming. If you are feeling low on energy, cut back on how much you are working out.



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