We are the industry leaders in homeopathic hCG

Your HCG, LLC was founded in April of 2009. Your HCG was the first online homeopathic HCG drops retailer to sell nationwide.  It quickly rose to the number one reseller of homeopathic HCG. Your HCG grew to a multi-million dollar company in its first year of business and continues to grow at a phenomenal rate, still holding its place as the country’s top retailer in homeopathic HCG.  They now have over 100 retail locations nationwide, as well as a fully staffed call center staffed with trained health coaches handling more than 400 calls and 1500 online chats on a daily basis.

How Your HCG Stayed on Top

Your HCG is able to maintain its place as number one reseller for one simple reason, unparalleled customer service.  Weight loss with HCG is a complicated and life changing process.  Numerous studies show that support is the key to losing weight and permanently keeping it off with HCG.  Your HCG offers full customer support before, during and following the HCG protocol.  Customer support is their number one priority and they have a high referral rate due to their outstanding customer service and support.  Your HCG take pride in knowing that they are helping to cure a major problem in America, one customer at a time.  They take the necessary time with customers to ensure that their weight loss is a life-changing event, not just a quick fix.




  1. By: Tommy

    on: March 28, 2012 . Reply

    I bought the HCG drops and started my phase 1 today. Thing is, I started my period as well:/ I’ve seen some things saying it is pointless to do while on your period. I really only need to lose about 25 pounds and I have a 30 day plan. What would you recommend I do? Stop the diet and wait till next week? Or is it just as effective if I continue the diet on my period?

    • By: Jesse

      on: March 30, 2012 . Reply

      Hi Tommy, you will need to stop the diet and then begin again with the load days as soon as you’re completely off your cycle.



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