hcg diet texas

HCG Diet Texas

HCG Diet Texas

After a recent report revealed that Texas ranks 13th in obesity, the HCG diet Texas has become a popular choice for Texans to lose weight. With over 25% of the population in Texas being overweight, they wanted something that would help them succeed quickly in losing weight with long lasting results. This recent report reveals that in areas where the economy is bad, obesity is on the rise. The reasons for this is because the residents are buying more fast food, exercising less in high crime areas and the price of ‘healthy’ food has gone up.

HCG Diet Texas Can Help Texas’ Obesity

According to By Parents, an organization in Texas, More than 61 percent of Texas is overweight or obese. Obesity in children has reached crisis proportions in Texas. More than 35 percent of Texas schoolchildren are overweight or obese. The number of overweight and obese children has doubled over the last 20 years, and it continues to rise. The American Obesity Society lists Houston, Dallas and San Antonio in their “Top 10 Overweight Cities”, with Houston ranking number one. In Houston, 36.2 percent of children ages 6 to 17 are overweight. Within this population, 19.2 percent are obese.  This is where HCG diet Texas can help.

HCG Diet Texas Summary

The HCG diet doesn’t have to be expensive as many people are finding out, especially with how affordable HCG drops are. With the money that is saved when not buying fast food, sodas, and processed foods, they can use that towards healthy, whole foods such as fresh vegetables and fruit, along with healthy cuts of protein. Texas is one of the few states that hold farmer’s markets year round. Farmer’s markets tend to have lower cost fruits, vegetables and meat to help ease the pain of the economy and obesity. With the use of the HCG diet Texas and buying healthier, local foods, this can help lower the obesity rate in Texas.



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