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HCG Diet Spray Dangers

HCG Diet Spray Dangers

Overview of HCG Diet Sprays

With the increased popularity of the HCG diet, there are new methods of how to administer the actual HCG. The original diet protocol required painful injections. With the increased anxiety of injecting a hormone along with the risks, laboratories started looking for different options.  Another popular method now is the sublingual HCG drops. They offer the same weight loss results as the injections, but without the pain or risky side effects. When customers didn’t want to do the drops, laboratories started looking for other methods, to include the HCG Diet Spray.  The HCG Spray can be administered nasally or orally depending on the mixture a customer receives.


HCG Diet Spray Risks

While some customers enjoy the convenience of a HCG Spray, there are a few risks that are associated with this product. One for instance is absorption rates may differ, so you must ensure sure you are getting a quality product. With HCG Sprays, there have been a few side effects listed such as a burning sensation, dry nostrils, fungal infections, nosebleeds and more. This can happen with any nasal spray, not just HCG nasal spray, but it is something to use caution with.


HCG Diet Spray Safety

While ensuring your safety with the HCG Sprays, always consult your physician before starting any new diet program.  HCG Sprays can cause your body to rely on the spray to keep your nasal passage moist, forcing your body to become addicted. Avoid any products that may contain Oxymetazoline Hydrochloride. This product can lead to an addiction with any nasal spray, including HCG Diet Spray, when used for 3 days or longer. When using any HCG product, you must take the HCG a minimum of 23 days to complete the full HCG diet protocol, even if that method is the HCG diet spray.



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