HCG Diet Colorado

HCG Diet Colorado is Needed

The HCG diet Colorado has become very popular according to Your HCG. In 2009, the obesity rate in Colorado was 19.1%, the lowest in the nation. However, Colorado currently ranks 23rd in childhood obesity in the United States. Obesity has a huge impact on low-income families. Overall, the obesity rates in Colorado are on the rise and their residents are concerned and want to alleviate it. The HCG diet Colorado has given them the boost that they need to take control of their health and weight loss issues.

Obesity VS the HCG Diet Colorado

According to the Center for Disease Control, 17 percent of children and teenagers are obese. Although Colorado has one of the lowest percentages of obese high school students in the country, more of them have become obese in the past six years. High school boys are twice as likely as girls to be obese.

Colorado has recently updated nutritional standards which will require schools to cut the amount of sodium and fat in school meals and increase the amount of whole grains, fruits and vegetables served.  This is the first update in over fifteen years. When a child is eating a school lunch that is full of unhealthy fats and calories, these are the habits that will carry over as adults.

Obesity has a huge impact on low-income families. It is also a fact that the more you earn, the less likely you are to be obese. Also, the higher your education level, the lower the obesity rates are.

The HCG Diet Colorado Helps State Overcome Obesity

Obesity is something that can be eradicated with enough dedication. Your HCG Owner, Jaime Edmund said ‘We have many customers who have purchase the HCG diet in Colorado. The HCG diet in Colorado has helped hundreds of thousands of people get to a healthy weight for their BMI (body mass index). All it takes is dedication and determination.’ Many dieters have already significantly cut down their weight because of the HCG Diet Colorado.



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