hcg diet california

HCG Diet California

The need for the HCG diet California

California’s obesity rates have more than doubled since 1990, even though it has a reputation for healthy living. The reason being is the declining economy, along with the role of neighborhoods and education. Two-thirds of California’s adults are considered overweight or obese according to an article published by University of California – Berkeley. Another alarming statistic is that the obesity rate is nearly twice as high among adults with no more than an 8th grade education (30.3%) as among those who graduated from college (14.9%).

How the HCG Diet California can help

According to the Public Policy Institute of California “Average BMI has clearly increased over time in California and the rest of the United States. In 1990, the average 5’4” tall woman in California weighed about 139 pounds, with an average BMI of about 24. In 2003, the average California woman of similar stature weighed 154 pounds, with an average BMI of 26.5. Today, about one in five adults in California is considered medically obese, and there is little indication that the trend toward obesity will reverse anytime soon.”  This is where the HCG diet California can help.

The HCG diet California

The HCG diet California has gained popularity over the last year due to the alarming obesity rates. California officials are looking into the best ways to combat obesity, but in the mean time, California residents are looking for a solution on their own. This solution could be HCG for many of these people. While HCG can be expensive, there are low cost alternatives. For example, the sublingual HCG drops can cost anywhere from $69 for a 15 day program up to $199 for a 60 day program. The injections can cost upwards of $5000 per month at some HCG Diet California clinics. Educating yourself about the HCG diet California if you currently reside in the state of California before starting will ensure that you get a product you can trust that will offer the best possible results.



  1. By: Judith Evans

    on: January 23, 2011 . Reply

    Are the statistics for the drops as good as those for the injections?

    • By: Jesse

      on: January 24, 2011 . Reply

      Our homeopathic drops have the same results as the injections, just at a much cheaper cost. The injections can cost $1,000+.




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