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Blog #3 1.2 lbs. up [Catherine’s HCG Journey]

Well, this weekend didn’t start out very well. I know what you all are thinking…didn’t you just start this round? Yeah, I am not to happy about Friday. I think I would have been ok if I hadn’t drank 1 beer. Oh well, so I gained 1.2 lbs, but on the flip side I was good the rest of the weekend. I weighed in this morning and was down to 230.2 lbs. Yay me….sticking to the straight and narrow.


The one thing that is most important during this diet is to make sure you drink a lot of water. That is what helped me through the weekend and I am looking forward to having a great weight lose during this round.


Also another tip if you find that you are stalled a bit, don’t eat the melba toast or grassini. I have found that I cannot eat these while I am on this diet. That is just an idea for thought. I will check in again in a couple of days with weight and measurements. Good luck HCGers!



  1. By: Jodi

    on: March 9, 2011 . Reply

    Well, now you know why your momma always told you to stay away from beer! LOL! I’m playin!
    Good job hanging tough and getting it back on track immediately!
    You are doing beautifully!

  2. By: Belina

    on: March 12, 2011 . Reply

    Good job !! you are doing great!! keep on blogging and keep on Keeping on!!
    a feloow blogger



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