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California Health Trends – Should Everyone Follow?

Here at Your HCG, we like to blog about specific statistics related to health and weight loss, in addition to specifically the HCG diet.  California has been known as the guinea pig state for trying out different laws and regulations involving health for their citizens.  For instance, California was one of the first states who […]

How to Find Time to Exercise

Exercising is great for our health and overall well being, but the hardest part about it is finding the time. It’s extremely hard when you have to squeeze it in between working, family time, sleep, and cooking. We also just want to mention that exercise on the HCG diet is not required, however, we do […]

Disney Says No to Unhealthy Advertising

If you have kids or are around kids during any part of your day, you know how much they are influenced by what ads they see on TV. This week, Disney has taken a firm stance against companies who are advertising unhealthy foods. Starting in 2015, advertisers that want to advertise with Disney through their […]

Tips on Lowering Cholesterol

Dangers of Having High Cholesterol Have you had your cholesterol checked lately?  Many people who start the HCG diet have suffered from high cholesterol due to being overweight.  To know exactly where you stand, it may be a good idea to have this checked by your physician. Why is high cholesterol something to worry about? […]