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HCG Diet - Healthy Snacking

7 Tips to Help Increase Healthy Snacking

Healthy Snacking is a Good Way to Lose Weight

Depriving yourself of snacks between meals may be causing more harm than good to your diet. It has been suggested that rather than having three large meals a day, eating four small meals and two snacks will help boost the metabolism and increase weight loss. Incorporating healthy snacks into your diet plan can keep your blood sugar levels stable, which will prevent you from overeating. Adding healthy snacks throughout the day will also provide energy. Having a snack before a workout will give you more energy to workout longer causing you to burn more calories.

Healthy Snacking Tips

  • If you are on the HCG diet you can try to plan out your snacks in the morning time. Packing your snacks will prevent you from heading to a fast food chain or vending machine later in the day when you become hungry.
  • Try to avoid highly processed snacks such as snack bars, deli meats, crackers, canned fruit, etc. Instead, try adding more whole foods into your diet like fresh fruits and vegetables, brown rice, raw nuts, etc.
  • Watch the calories. Snacks should be just that, a snack. Calories should range from 100-200 per snack.
  • Couple your fruits and veggies with healthy dairy. Cottage cheese and yogurt are perfect examples. Yogurt is full of probiotics and slow-burning carbohydrates. This will allow you to curb your hunger and cravings without adding an excess of calories.
  • Try keeping a food journal, it will help you keep track of your over all eating habits and help you develop new habits along the way.
  • Eat plenty of protein. Hard-boiled eggs are a great, easily made snacking food and provide plenty of protein. Leave out the yolk for less cholesterol. They are perfect for morning snacks or just before a workout. Add granola or nuts to your dairy to help increase your protein intake as well.
  • One of the most important tips on the HCG diet is don’t snack late at night. You should eat your last meal or snack no later than 7pm. This will give your body plenty of time to metabolize the foods before you go to sleep.

Remember to always discuss your diet, exercise, and weight loss plans with your doctor. As far as the HCG diet, if you are experiencing hunger in between meals, try splitting up your foods through out the day more and focus on healthy snacking versus two meals.

What types of snacks do you prefer? Do you have any ideas for healthy snacking?



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